Extract hazard ratios, confidence intervals and subgroup labels

hr_data(..., alpha = 0.05)



Objects that inherit class hr, as produced by estimate_ipwhr, or a single list of such objects. Supports splicing and unquoting as supported by rlang::list2.


The desired nominal significance level of the confidence intervals. Default is 0.05.


A tibble::tibble with one row per treatment subgroup per analysis and columns

  • analysis for the label provided to estimate_ipwhr,

  • n for the number of observations in the data, as given by dhr[["n"]] for input dhr

  • events the number of events, as reported by summary.coxph from dhr[["fitted_model"]] for input dhr

  • group_label for the treatment group label as passed from dhr[["fitted_model"]],

  • hr for hazard ratios of the subgroup relative to the reference (the exponentiated coefficient from coxph),

  • hr_lcl for the lower confidence bound for the hazard ratio for the provided alpha,

  • hr_ucl for the corresponding upper confidence bound. Confidence intervals are those produced by the summary.coxph method with argument conf.int = 1 - alpha, called on dhr[["fitted_model"]].


Brendan Brown