1. make_table1 rewritten to utilize the gt package, thus allowing far more customization and exporting ability.


  1. Minor updates to remove deprecated functions


  1. Cleaned up documentation for compare_fits and allow user to choose alpha level for confidence intervals.


  1. Improved performance of estimate_aipwrisk when fully_efficient = TRUE, by rewriting the internal function integrator and helpers.


  1. Added compare_protocols functionality.


  1. Added compare_fits function, which allows for the comparison of multiple fit objects


  1. Updated license


  1. Fixed bug that caused start>stop time warnings when using time-varying covariates and times argument is provided.


  1. Allow censoring and outcome models to differ by level of treatment by passing them as a list.


  1. Fixed bug that prevented event and censoring ties from being broken correctly when subjects occur in multiple treatment groups and have longitudinal data.


  1. Fixed bug that led to incorrect outcome times in estimate_aipwrisk when competing risks are present. Bug was introduced in version 0.36.17.


  1. Updated documents to reflect behavior of SMR, normalized, and stablized weights as they are implemented in the package.


  1. Fixed bug that led to NaN risk estimates when no censoring model is specified, there are tied event times, the last observed event/censoring times are tied, and everyone either has the event or censoring.


  1. Fixed default behavior in forest_plot.cumrisk so that when no risk time is passed, it uses the maximum time in each input object.

0.37.12, 0.37.13

  1. Added parameter smd_lower_limit to make_table1 that causes SMDs lower than 0.01 to be displayed as “<0.01”.


  1. Fixed bug in make_table2 that caused errors when using the function within a subroutine.


  1. Fixed bug that caused error when using PS trimming when missing data are present.


  1. Fixed bug in make_table1 that caused error when missing data were present.


  1. Expanded the color palettes for plot.cumrisk and plot.cumcount to allow any number of treatment levels.


  1. Added the option to scale the rate without scaling the person-time using the scale_pt_display argument in make_table2.


  1. Added the option to calculate confidence intervals for rates with the calc_rate_ci argument in make_table2.


  1. Fixing bug in make_table2 that prevented selecting correct treatment reference level when multiple objects were passed.

0.37.3, 0.37.4

  1. Exporting trim_ps function for use in causalPHR package.


  1. Cleanup and optimization of efficient AIPW estimator.


  1. Fixed bug that was introduced due to the change of the behavior of the right_join fuction in dplyr.


  1. Added cumulative count estimation.


  1. Bug fix. Wrong denominator for overlap weights.


  1. Added overlap weights as an option.

  2. Added discussion of different weighting methods to manual.

  3. Bug fix. SMR weights were incorrect with more than 2 levels of treatment.


  1. Changed censoring behavior. Now, censoring by end of follow-up is not treated as a censoring event to be modelled by the censoring models. To replicate analyses conducted with older versions of the package, specify tau_censor = TRUE when calling the estimation function.

  2. Bug fix. When subgroup_ps is FALSE, the wrong n was being returned by the estimating functions.

  3. Bug fix. When user supplied weights or a subgroup, efficient AIPW threw an error.

  4. Bug fix. When missing data are present, the output prediction vector was the wrong length for AIPW.

  5. Bug fix. make_table1 was inconsistent when identify_subject() was used.

  6. Bug fix. When using R versions greater than 4, error was thrown when using efficient AIPW with null models.

  7. Fix warning related to RNG in future package.