Major changes

  1. Updated sankey_list_maker to tweak the following arguments:
    • weight is a T/F value that indicates whether you want the Sankey weighted or not.
    • censor_vars takes a vector of variables to use for censoring. If named will create states with those names. Default is NULL.
    • absorbing_var takes a vector of variables that will be used for “absorbing” states. Required to be named. Default is NULL. Replaces requirement of having a “death” variable in the cohort.
  2. Updated sunburst_maker and sankey_list_maker to tweak the following arguments:
    • gofl_formula replaces strat_vars and filt_vars. Now you can just enter your own gofl formula for how you want the Sankey filtered.

Minor changes

  1. Fixed bug that kept in None state label when not present.
  2. Fixed bug (mentioned above) that forced users to have a death_date variable.
  3. If variables to be used in the filtering and stratification are stype vectors package will convert to base types.
  4. gofl_formula can use v_nominal, character, or nominal variables. If using a character and there are > 10 unique values, will throw error and force user to convert to nominal.
  5. Always calculates pathways if unweighted (even if there are a lot of states/stages) but throws warning.