Useful for converting a v_rcensored object into the form that is expected as an input to various routines in the survival package. More concretely, this function returns an object with the same form as is returned by calling survival::Surv().

as_Surv(x, censor_as_event = FALSE, multiple_endpoint = FALSE)



a v_rcensored object.


an indicator for whether to treat censoring as the event of interest (such as when estimating censoring probabilities). When TRUE, all outcomes are treated as a single censoring event and censoring events as a single outcome. Defaults to FALSE.


an indicator for whether to treat the outcomes as multiple endpoint data. Otherwise all outcomes are treated as being the same event type. Defaults to FALSE.


# Example censoring and outcome times data
ctime <- v_continuous_nonneg(c(5, 6, 10, 1, Inf, 19), internal_name = "censoring")
otime <- v_continuous_nonneg(c(2, 6, 11, 12, Inf, 25), internal_name = "outcomes")

# Construct a `v_censored` value
v <- v_rcensored(
  outcomes = list(ctime),
  censors = list(otime),
  end_time = 15,

# Convert to a 'survival' package right-censored data representation
#> [1]  2+  6  10   1  15+ 15+