stype 0.4.3

  • Updates the function signature for as_Surv to take a new formal argument multiple_endpoint which defaults to FALSE. Previous versions always returned data in a multiple endpoints format (see the object documentation for survival::Surv for a definition) when censor_as_event was FALSE, so this is a breaking change.
  • Adds a function pmin_v_rcensored that can be used to combine multiple v_rcensored objects into a new v_rcensored object.

stype 0.4.2

  • Adds the following constructor synonyms:
    • bnry : v_binary
    • cnt : v_count
    • chr : v_character
    • cont : v_continuous
    • nneg : v_continuous_nonneg
    • tmev : v_event_time
    • nom : v_nominal
    • ord : v_ordered
    • rcen : v_rcensored

stype 0.4.1

  • Fixes bug in * and + where (e.g) v_binary(c(FALSE, TRUE, FALSE, TRUE)) + c(1, 3, 3, 5) now returns an error.

stype 0.4.0

  • Adds an experimental tbl_analysis type, which includes the basic utilities of a stype such as a context and data_summary. It also includes a modifiers argument which is a list of functions sequentially modify the table. These functions are applied whenever the table is subset, and thus can act to define analytic workflows that should be run whenever a table is modified. This feature is experimental and will be tested internally at NoviSci before being further developed.

stype 0.3.0

Major Changes

  • Depends on vctrs 0.3.0.
  • Constructors of stypes have an extra_descriptors argument for passing a listof descriptor function.
  • The purpose class now has a tags slot, so stype vectors can be tagged with arbitrary character vectors. The is_tagged function can be used to check if a vector is tagged with a string; e.g. is_tagged(x, tags = c("tag1", "tag2")) checks if x has either "tag1" or "tag2".
  • Now featuring lenses! See the lenses vignette for examples of getting/setting parts of stype vector or getting/setting several stypes within a list-like structure.
  • A weight function is available for updating the data_summary of stypes with vector of weights. See the weighting vignette for example of usage.
  • Adds a get_data_summaries function to access the data_summary from multiple stypes in a list or data.frame.

stype 0.2.4

Minor changes

  • Adds a sort method for v_rcensored.

stype 0.2.3

Major changes

  • The v_binary type now has logical or and and operators: |(or +) and & (or *). Unlike | and & for the logical type, logical operators for v_binary do not recycle values. That is, for two vectors x and y, they must either have the same size or either x or y must a scalar.